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The Honeywell CO810PM Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Evaporative Air Cooler is the perfect addition to your home or patio. With 2777 CFM of airflow, it can cover areas of up to 1692 sq. ft easily.  It comes feature packed with a low water alarm, energy-saving timer, adjustable humidification knob & an ice compartment for even cooler airflow.

Powerful Cooling For Dry Summer: This unit's triple-sided honeycomb and 16-inch wide fan blades provide powerful cooling in hot and dry climates where humidity levels are lower than 60%. It is an ideal choice for backyards, pools, patios, workshops, garages, warehouses and large common areas.

Great for Outdoor Comfort: The Honeywell CO810PM is a weatherproof, UV-resistant model - perfect for cooling large outdoor spaces. Equipped with extra-wide fan blades that deliver power airflow, a jumbo 19-gallon water tank, and a continuous water supply option, this unit can run conveniently and safely for long durations of time.

Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly: This air cooler reduces temperature through the process of water evaporation, without spraying mist on you or your furniture. With low power consumption and no need for energy-guzzling compressors or pollution causing gas, it's a sustainable and low-cost choice for staying cool in dry summer months. 

Safe and Durable: Made from long-lasting premium copper, the unit's motor can withstand extreme environments. The internal housing is heat-safe for long and safe operation. Built with light-weight UV-resistant ABS plastic and fitted with heavy-duty wheels, this unit is easy to move around and store.

In Short

27.7 inches x 18 inches x 41.2 inches
850 sq. ft Coverage Area
1 Year Warranty

At a glance

Ice Compartment for Colder Air: The unit has a top-loading ice compartment. When you add ice, the water temperature in the unit drops and this creates and sustains a cooler airflow.

UV + Weather-Resistant for the Outdoors: Durable and braced to withstand the elements, the cooler is prepped to work on patios, in marquees or warehouses, in rain or shine.

Triple-Sided Honeycomb + Extra Wide 16” Fan Blades for Vigorous Cooling: Encased on three sides with extra-thick honeycomb media, and powered by 16” blades, the CO810PM delivers a wide-reaching and robust wind.

Continuous Water Hookup Delivers Nonstop Coolness: Attach your garden hose to the unit to continuously fill the jumbo 19 gallon tank for constant, unattended cooling.

In the box

  • 1 Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler
  • 1 Owner’s Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

Features Overview

3 Fan Speeds: Choose between high, medium or low airflow.

Forceful 16" Fan Blades: Wide blades give you extra powerful airflow.

Jumbo 19 Gallon Tank: Suited for residential or commercial spaces.

Top Loading Ice Compartment: Drop in ice for a chilly breeze.

Hose Hookup Option: Operate continuously by attaching the unit to a water supply.

Triple Sided Honeycomb Media: Feel the breeze across a 270-degree radius.

Oscillating Louvers: Direct cool air throughout your space with the long-range airflow and oscillating louvers. 

Durable Controls: No-nonsense knobs for simple operation.

Smooth Gliding Casters: Roll the unit where you need it for summer cooling in a breeze.


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