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Get Your Honeywell CS10XE Evaporative Air Cooler

Summer Cooling that's a Breeze!

Powerful, low-energy cooling right where you need it. Evaporative Air Coolers for Spot Cooling roll along with you, fanning a fresh breeze during summer's heat. Enjoy summer without sweating at high energy bills! A multipurpose, compact unit, an evaporative spot cooler also humidifies dry winter air.

A local spot swamp cooler, this stylish, lightweight model is built to cool your immediate area. Couch, bed, workspace, breakfast nook—the unit is compact and easily portable for personal evaporative cooling. Choose from three speeds for custom cooling. The detachable water tank and washable active carbon filter make for easy upkeep. New to evaporative air cooling? The sensation is like a lakeside breeze.

No-Sweat Energy Bills
With its low energy consumption, this compact swamp cooler is a model for energy-efficient cooling.

Sleek, Contemporary Design
The cooler's clean curves and modern silhouette enhance its setting.

Detachable Water Tank for Smooth Operation
Lift out the tank for easily accessible water filling and maintenance.

Three Speeds for Cooling & Humidifying
Multiple fan options alternate between gentle humidity and targeted spot cooling.

Safeguards against Contaminants
Washable active carbon filter traps dust, odors and pollutants.

Digital Display & Remote Control
Attractive control panel and full-featured remote make cooler operation fun and simple.

Set It & Forget It Timer
Programmable for up to 7.5 hours, set the timer for unattended operation.
Get Your Honeywell CS10XE Evaporative Air Cooler