Why You Can't Lengthen the Exhaust Hose of Your Portable Air Conditioner

At My Home Climate, we strive to provide you with the answers to all your air comfort questions. Today, we’re going to discuss an important question about portable air conditioner hoses.

When installing your portable air conditioner, you might find that the exhaust hose isn’t as long as you expected. So, why shouldn’t you lengthen your portable AC’s exhaust hose?

The length of your portable AC’s exhaust hose is specifically designed to work with the blower of the unit. The blower drives the hot air expelled from your unit through the exhaust hose. Lengthening the hose increases the load of the blower by prohibiting the air from exhausting properly. This affects the cooling ability of the unit, reducing the life of the blower and possibly causing the unit to malfunction.

Remember that attempting to lengthen your portable air conditioner’s exhaust hose is usually a violation of the unit’s warranty.

If you find that the exhaust hose doesn’t quite reach from the unit to the window bracket, you can place your PAC onto a sturdy platform so the hose reaches the window—without requiring you to lengthen the exhaust hose and compromise unit performance.

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