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Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat While Using Portable Cooling Units

May 06, 2019 3 min read

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat While Using Portable Cooling Units

Central air conditioning is the most expensive cooling option on the market, which is why many consumers are turning to portable cooling solutions. If you have a portable air conditioner or an evaporative air cooler, there are some other small tricks that can maximize your cooling experience.

Invest in a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are fabulous for cooling bedrooms or living rooms if you already have a portable cooling option in place, This will help to distribute the cool air from a portable air conditioner, or increase the much needed circulation while using an evaporative air cooler. A ceiling fan is much more powerful than a floor fan and doesn’t take up any floor space. A really interesting fact about ceiling fans is the direction in which they operate best in the summer. Did you know that a ceiling fan should be set to run counter-clockwise during the summer?

Freeze your sheets at night

This is an excellent tip that sounds like it came from extremely resourceful people who refused to let the heat win! This article has a few great suggestions for beating the heat. Freezing your bed sheets right before you go to sleep is just one great idea that they listed.

Pack your freezer with ice

Having ice on a hot day can come in handy in so many ways. A fresh supply of ice will always keep your drinks cold. You can also create an ice pack and place it on your head, neck or on your feet.

Another great use for ice is adding it to an evaporative air cooler since it greatly increases the cooling effect if you add ice to the tray.

The Honeywell CO25AE 52 Pt. Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is one great example of an air cooler that will keep you cool, yet will offer maximum cooling with the addition of ice.

Keep your blinds closed – especially if you face west

If any of you live in an apartment that faces west, or have a living room that faces west, then you already understand this important tip. The sun is hot enough already in the summer, especially when it shines directly into your home. Any room in a house or apartment that faces west is the hardest to deal with since the afternoon sun beats down on any window facing west beginning at about 1 pm until sundown – which is after 8 pm in most places during the summer. The strongest portable air conditioner, evaporative cooler or even central air conditioning cannot completely tame that intense heat emanating from direct sunlight, unless you close your blinds on those windows that face west.

Lower the lights at night

If your place is already hot, you may find that some indoor lighting and lamps add to the heat at night. Check your place to see which light sources produce the most heat at night and try to use the ones that emit the least amount of heat.

Choose cold soup over hot soup

Soup lovers many find this switch to be a tough one, but there are many delicious cold soup options. One popular soup for the hot summer days is the tasty and refreshing gazpacho soup.  But there are many other cold soup options that will help you make it through the remainder of the hot summer.

Keep a cool watermelon handy

Watermelon is a wonder food in the heat and according to this article you can even place a cool piece on your forehead during hot days or nights. It is an extremely hydrating fruit, and refreshing to eat in the summer.

Take frequent cool showers

This may not be the most original method of keeping cool, but it is guaranteed to work–at least temporarily.

Wear natural fibers

If you have invested in a few pieces of clothing that are breathable, you have already won half the battle against the heat. Many stores sell synthetic fibers that do not breathe. Synthetic fabric will make you unnecessarily uncomfortable. This is an excellent article on what to look for when purchasing clothing for hot weather.

Maintain your portable air conditioner or evaporative air cooler

No matter which portable cooling solution you have chosen for your home, the other tips for beating the heat will be more effective if you ensure that your cooling unit is cleaned regularly, the relevant filters are changed and that you follow all instruction in the operating manual that accompanies your cooling unit.

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