Stop the Temperature Wars at Home

There is a universal law that never fails: at least one family member in a home will either be too hot or too cold. Body temperature is individual, and so is the ideal cooling solution. What are the most common temperature wars at home and how can we solve them?

Fresh Air Versus Recirculated Air

We all know at least one person that really dislikes air conditioning at home. They usually stress that the air too dry, stale, and they crave a summer with open windows. When this person is living with an A/C lover who prefers the windows closed, how can they compromise?


Portable A/C, and an indoor/outdoor evaporative cooler (swamp cooler)

  • Set up the evaporative cooler in an agreed-upon room and open the windows. If the room has a door then open the door to allow the fresh, moist air to circulate.
  • The portable nature of the cooler makes it easy to use outside as well, so the unit can function as a dual-purpose one (inside and out), and can be moved around as required.
  • Install the portable A/C in a separate room that has a door, so the A/C won’t overwork trying to offset the humid air from the air cooler that adds moisture to the air.
  • This arrangement can bring in moist, cool and fresh air for one family member and cool, dry air for another.
  • For those who share a bedroom, you may need to alternate nights or weeks between the cooler and air conditioner, since the air conditioner requires all windows to be closed.


Freezing Cold Air Versus Slightly Cool Air

Sometimes the cooling conflict is not related to dry versus moist air, but rather based on the actual temperature.  Since A/C can bring down the temperature of a room to a frostier temperature, it is hard to adjust a unit for those who have different tolerances to heat and cold.


Portable A/C

  • Try to position the A/C so that the vent is really focused in the direction of the person who needs the cooling the most.
  • As the room reaches an ideal cooling setting, perhaps turn it off for a while so the other person can have some relief from the cool air, then turn it back on as the room starts to get hot.
  • When you keep different hours than family members, set the timer to switch on or off for when other family members arrive home, which will help to honor their cooling needs.

Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler)

  • Air coolers are known for spot cooling , which means that they cool the immediate area around them.
  • Set up the air cooler in the living room and  ensure that the person who is always hot sits as close to the powerful fan blower as possible, while the person who wants less cold air sits the farthest away or near an open window.


Chilly Bedroom Versus Warm Bedroom

When one person in a shared bedroom has drastically different cooling needs, here are a couple of ideas:


Portable A/C

Take advantage of the timer feature — it does not only benefit those will the same cooling needs, but can be a great feature to end temperature wars at home.

Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler)

  • The person who needs the cooling the most at night could sleep on the side of the bed nearest the cooler’s fan blower and depending on the layout of the room, the person who feels the coldest could inch over closer the open window where warm air will flow inside.
  • Keep the bedroom door open

In general, portable cooling systems, such as evaporative air coolers and portable air conditioners are

 extremely versatile, and allow for effective solutions to eliminate temperature wars at home—once and for all.

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