Staying Cool during the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 2: Indoors

Under pressure from hundreds of scientists worldwide, the World Health Organization finally acknowledged that the coronavirus floats in indoor air, potentially collecting in non-ventilated spaces. Does this mean running the AC 24/7 this summer is not safe?


Based on the latest research, switching from central air to evaporative air coolers (AKA swamp coolers) would be safer. Let's dive into the updated recommendations and our cooler suggestions for your home. (For recommendations for businesses, schools, or restaurants, go here).


What exactly are the experts saying?

The updated brief by the WHO. says we should "avoid crowded places, close-contact settings and confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation," including homes and offices.


The WHO brief also states asymptomatic people can infect others. The CDC estimates that 40% of people with COVID-19 show no symptoms. Anyone who enters your home could have the virus and not know it.


The best defense is fresh air

Researchers at Kobe University suggest opening windows and skipping HVAC systems like central air that recirculate air (and viruses). Engineers at Clark University say to "open doors and windows to increase fresh air flow."


What if it’s too hot to open the windows?


Get an evaporative air cooler that circulates fresh and cool air

Unlike an AC that recycles stagnant air, air coolers pull in fresh air and vent out the old. For additional virus protection, air coolers keep the air from drying out.


Evaporative air coolers work indoors and outdoors!

  • In your home: indoor air coolers work best when the overall humidity is less than 50% as it simultaneously humidifies and cools the air.
  • On your patio or balcony: outdoor air coolers work in any climate.


How does an evaporative air cooler work?

It uses the natural process of water evaporation to provide a cool, refreshing breeze. Unlike a basic fan that just blows the air around, an air cooler decreases the air temperature, resulting in longer-lasting cool air. Read more: FAQs.


Here are three types of air coolers you can buy for your home or back patio/yard:


Personal Spot Coolers for Immediate Spaces

Ultra-portable air coolers for your desk or bedside table. If you're spending most of the day in one spot like your home office, a personal cooler is an extremely cost-effective way to stay comfortable. Feel the breeze up-to 15 feet away with the most powerful personal cooler on the market. Launched this summer, the Honeywell ZETA is the result of two years of development, testing, and expert engineering.

Honeywell Zeta™ Personal Evaporative Air Cooler, DSC2AE


Portable Room Air Coolers

Cool down larger spaces without compromising portability. Equipped with stronger airflow to refresh an entire room, room air coolers are perfect for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more. Set up is easy, and these air coolers slide on wheels to wherever you need it. Check out the CL201AE, DLC203AE, TC50PEU.


Honeywell Portable Room Air Cooler, DLC203AE


Outdoor Air Coolers for Large Open Spaces

Being confined at home during a pandemic doesn’t mean you need to stay entirely cooped up. An outdoor air cooler turns your back patio and yard into an enjoyable space for the whole family. Take Zoom meetings from the terrace for a change of scenery. Create a safe space for the kids to play outside. Enjoy sweat-free BBQs. With effective outdoor cooling, the possibilities are endless! Added bonus? The strength of the airflow blasting from most outdoor air coolers are strong enough to help keep annoying mosquitos and other flying bugs away.


Shopping for an outdoor cooler? Check that it's outdoor rated.

All Honeywell outdoor air coolers are outdoor rated to ensure safety and longevity:


  • Certified by ETL to meet strict UL* outdoor appliance regulations.
  • GFCI safety plug provides extra protection against any potential electrical shock.
  • Rugged UV-Resistant Plastics prevent fading or cracking.
  • Waterproof to withstand the elements.
  • Aluminum heat-proof fan blades withstand extreme temperatures; unlike, cheaper plastic blades used by other brands.


We recommend the Honeywell CO610PM, that has an “excellent balance between airflow and energy efficiency” per respected review site Pro Tool Reviews. They also found that the CO610PM uses 35% less energy than another brand’s cooler. Other highly rated coolers include:


  • Honeywell CO48PM, a powerful fan-based outdoor cooler that provides excellent coverage for a wide area.
  • Honeywell CO70PE has double blowers, offering great airthrow for large spaces.
  • Honeywell CO301PC, a powerful cooler ideal for long spaces.


Honeywell Indoor & Outdoor Portable Air Cooler, CO610PM


Need a Personalized Recommendation for Your Home?

Check out the detailed Evaporative Air Cooling guide at where you can find facts and tips to help you select the best air cooler for your needs. 


Stay safe and well!

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