Reinvent Your Space for Your Needs: Brilliant Ideas for Basement Remodeling

Remodeling your basement can seem like a hefty undertaking, but it’s also a great opportunity. While a redesign might take some time (and money), not only is it an investment in your home, but it’s a chance to explore all the ways you can make the most of a huge space. Maybe you need an area to work in solitude, or a nice play space for the kids, or a spot to relax with your friends. Read on for some ways you can reinvent your basement, so it suits your needs and your style.

The basics

First things first: If you’re gutting your basement or making any significant structural changes, make sure you check your local building codes. Address any wiring or plumbing issues, particularly if you plan on adding a bathroom, kitchenette, or wet bar. Consider adding insulation both to keep basement noises out of the rest of your house and to keep outside noises from seeping into the basement.

Basements tends to be damp; you might want to add a dehumidifier with a drain pump, like the Honeywell TP70PWKN, to keep mold and mildew from creeping into damp corners or crawlspaces. You can also add an air purifier to help keep the basement air refreshed. It’s also vital that your space is adequately heated or cooled to keep you comfortable, and your possessions protected. You definitely don't want to be sticking with sweat to the back of your leather La-Z-Boy, nor do you want your collection of valuable instruments or expensive wines in temperatures that could ruin them.

Make the space your own

Guest bedroom

Depending on the size of your basement, you can turn it into a lovely guest room or a whole apartment. You can put in a kitchenette and dining area as well as a bathroom so anyone staying with you can be completely self-sufficient. One idea for maximizing space is to put up barn doors; that way, an open basement can become a one-bedroom apartment.

Laundry room

The basement is also a great space for a laundry room. This will eliminate the piles of laundry accumulating in the house and provide a designated area for detergents and ironing boards. Consider adding energy-efficient washer/dryers and putting in tile floors so you can easily clean up any spills.


If you have kids and your basement offers some extra space, this is a great opportunity to build the perfect playroom. You can build a small storage area under the stairs for toys and provide a large, carpeted area for them to run around.

Home gym

If you’re a fitness buff, you can set up a home gym in your new space. With a dedicated area to bulk up, you're free to add a treadmill, an indoor bicycle, or as many fancy weight machines as you can afford.

Craft studio

Whether you design your own clothes, knit your own scarves, or cross-stitch to your heart's content, having the space to organize supplies and design in peace is a huge benefit. As an added plus, you can incorporate your finished products in your décor.

Writer's den or home office

A writer's den or home office is the ideal refuge any time you need to work without distractions. Anyone who has ever faced an upcoming deadline or wanted to take advantage of a burst of inspiration knows how frustrating it can be trying to work in an open kitchen or anywhere else family might pester you (even though you do love them a whole lot).

Putting green

If you're a big golf enthusiast, you can make room for a small putting green or put together a virtual golfing space. Having a designated area for practicing is a much better option than starting to swing and accidentally thwacking some innocent passerby with your club.

Artist's studio

If you have an artistic side, why not nurture it with your own dedicated basement artist’s studio? Having the room express yourself and store finished pieces is a much better option than creating in a tiny space where your easel barely fits.

Rec room

There's nothing like a game of pool to relax with friends on a Saturday night. Or get the guys and gals over for a friendly game of poker (try not to lose too much money). Alternatively, a nice domino table can be the catalyst for a lively game night with the family.

Reading room

Are you one of those people who saw Beauty and the Beast and marveled at that unbelievable library (or is that only me)? You can construct your own library with as many beautiful bookcases and treasured books as you choose, adding a comfy armchair for the perfect reading experience.

Music studio

Whether you're a DJ or a guitar aficionado, you can build a great space to hone your craft. Set up those turntables, lay out those guitars, and make some music without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household.


There are so many options if you want to set up a bar, from a tiki-style setup to one that rivals the classiest of speakeasies. Throw down some bar stools, put your best liquors up on the shelf, and make sure you keep enough limes and cherries in stock for bartending nights.

Wine cellar

If you're redesigning your basement, you can use the space to store that wine collection you've been amassing. Show off those vintages during wine tastings you can hold for your friends, or just sit down with a nice snifter of port after dinner.

Home theater

Can you imagine anything cooler than having your own personal theater? Set up the surround sound, buy that giant-screen television, or put up a projector if you want to watch classic films in an old-school way. Make sure you have comfortable furniture so you can sit back and binge watch in luxury.

Gaming room

Nothing pairs better with a solid home theater than video games to play on your big ol’ TV. If you want to get extravagant, you can even set up a full arcade. You'd be surprised how much a few pinball machines can spice up an entertainment space.

If you have the opportunity to transform your dark, dreary basement to a vibrant, happening spot, take advantage of it! Make your basement a fun, functional area where you can watch the kids play, have friends over for poker, or just relax with a good movie. It’s your space, so let the ideas flow!

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