List of Accessories for Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers are so convenient to set up, manage and maintain. These no hassle units are growing in popularity, and so are their accessories.

Water treatment and purification, mold prevention, and hose extensions–all of these are complementary parts and accessories that will help your evaporative air cooler function at an optimal level

Calcium inhibitor filter


calcium inhibitor

This is a useful and popular item to have when you own an outdoor evaporative cooler. It offers great protection against calcium buildup in the water tank. This will also ensure that sediment build-up won’t be present in the mist that the evaporative cooler emits while in operation. There are a lot of options to choose from so you can decide on one that best suits your needs. You can also attach the calcium inhibitor filter to a hose or tap to provide soft water for your air cooler and reduce clogging.

Pool filter

pool filter

A pool filter is another water treatment that can be used for outdoor evaporative air coolers. This specific one for example provides just one option of a high-quality pool filter that attaches to a standard garden hose (8,000 gallon capacity) and reduces heavy metals. If you attach a standard garden hose to your outdoor evaporative air cooler, you can use this pool filter to treat the water.

Hot water system protector


This is a useful accessory for your outdoor evaporative air cooler on hot days when the water temperature rises. It is a water treatment for hot water only,  and causes calcium and magnesium to bind, preventing scale buildup in the water output.

Evaporative air cooler tablets


eac tablets

This is an easy treatment option for evaporative air coolers. These tablets prevent scaling and corrosion. Once the tablets are placed in the water reservoir, they work automatically and effectively.

Evaporative air cooler odor & slime control tablets

slime treatment

Controlling odor and slime in evaporative air coolers starts with treating the source: the water. These tablets prevent and control the growth of slime and any related odors.


Humidifier bacteriostatic water treatment


humidifier bacteriostatic

This product is specifically formulated and suitable for evaporative humidifiers and air coolers. It prevents bacteria and algae from developing in the water tank and eliminates odors.


Digital temperature controller thermostat switch sensor

digital sensor

This is a reliable temperature control sensor that will turn your unit on or off one it reaches below or exceeds a certain temperature. The enhanced water proof sensor probe makes it a suitable choice for air coolers.


Two-way garden hose splitter

This two-way garden hose splitter is made of metal, prevents any leaks  can attach to any outdoor faucets, hoses or drip irrigation systems. It is a great option for providing a constant supply of water for your outdoor evaporative air cooler.

two-way garden hose splitter


Expandable garden hose and connectors


garden hpse


This durable hose expands to 50 ft., comes with a sturdy and versatile spray nozzle with eight adjustment options.  When the hose retracts it  efficiently and neatly collapses into a manageable size, making it easy to store and without any worries about it getting tangled up in the process.

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