How to Use Hoses to Drain Dehumidifiers

At My Home Climate, we strive to provide you with the answers to all your air comfort questions. Today, we’re going to discuss how to use hoses to drain dehumidifiers.

All you need to drain your dehumidifier are a drain hose (typically included) and a suitable water drain, like a sink or floor-level drain hole, near the dehumidifier.


The following instructions can generally be applied to most dehumidifiers. To set up your dehumidifier for continuous water drainage:

  1. Locate the drain outlet at the back of the unit.
  2. Unscrew and remove the drain cap.
  3. Screw the continuous water drain tube onto the direct drain outlet.

Once you’ve attached the drain hose to your dehumidifier, position the other end of the tube over a sink or drain, making sure the tube is securely over the drain and won’t fall out of place, as this could cause spillage. The tube should be directed downward as gravity is required to pull the water through the tube into the drain.

Ensure the tube isn’t bent or kinked as this could stop the flow of water.


  • If your dehumidifier experiences any leaks, the continuous water drain tube and cap might have become loose or possibly weren’t connected properly. Try disconnecting the tube, replacing it, and tightening it again.
  • If your dehumidifier is placed on uneven ground or the drain tube is incorrectly installed, the water could fill up the water tank and run over. To avoid this, make sure the ground is even and reinstall the drain tube.


While most dehumidifiers require manual drainage, some models, such as the Honeywell TP70PWKN, include an automatic drain pump that allows you to remove condensation both vertically and horizontally up to 16 feet.

  • In this case, the drain pump tube can be attached to the direct drain outlet located on the back of the dehumidifier.
  • Once the water level in the water tank reaches a certain level, the water will automatically be pumped out of the tank to drain. This means condensate can drain vertically or horizontally, even when the drain is located above the dehumidifier.

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