How to Make Your Portable Air Cooler More Effective

Summer is the season for portable evaporative air coolers! Whether you want to cool down inside or outdoors, these appliances are a great source of relief from all the extra sun and sweat. Here are a few tips to keep your air cooler at peak efficiency this summer.

Take proper care of your air cooler

The best and easiest way to ensure your evaporative cooler is running efficiently is simply to take good care of it. That means wiping it down with a damp cloth to prevent dust buildup, covering it up and storing it in a safe location during the offseason, emptying the water tank regularly, and cleaning or replacing the cooling pads. This last step is especially important as cooling pads can collect dust and pollen over time. If you see any mildew, cracks, or fungus on them, it’s time to replace the pads.

Position the air cooler strategically

Remember that evaporative air coolers require ventilation to function at their best. This means opening a window or door when using a cooler inside. Make sure that your evaporative air cooler is positioned close to the window so it has easier access to the hot outdoor air—the hotter the air, the faster the evaporation, and the cooler the air blown out by the fan.

Use colder water

Using warm water in a portable air cooler actually decreases the efficiency of evaporative cooling, so putting cold water into the unit is a great way to make sure your air cooler delivers a cool breeze as efficiently as possible. If your evaporative cooler has a dedicated ice compartment, make sure you take advantage and add some ice to enjoy an extra chill to your air.

By following these handy tips, you can help ensure your portable evaporative air cooler is performing at its best. Whether you plan on relaxing indoors or enjoying the outdoors, with an air cooler by your side, you’re sure to enjoy a nice, cool summer.

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