How to decorate your home for a Happy Thanksgiving

Fancy foliage, colorful candles, and beautiful table runners can all help create the perfect atmosphere for your Thanksgiving festivities. If you’re hosting family this year, you have so many different options to decorate your home and make it picture perfect. Read on for some ideas on how you can decorate every part of your house to welcome your guests and celebrate this Thanksgiving in style.

Hello, Friends & Family!

Fall window box

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As you say goodbye to your summer plants, fill your window box with colorful leaves and any pumpkins left over from Halloween. This is a great way to set the mood for your guests before they even walk through the door.

Wonderful wreaths

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Inviting entryway

Dazzling doormats

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Doormats are another great opportunity to send a message and show your personality. Welcome family and friends any way you like! If you’re looking for a unique doormat, try Etsy for hundreds of different funny, heartwarming, or just plain cool options.

Warm lighting

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There’s nothing like a little ambiance to set the mood for the evening. Dim the lights to create a warm, inviting environment to help everyone relax. Traveling for the holidays can be very stressful, and we’re sure any out-of-town guests will appreciate the calming atmosphere.

Refurbished wood

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Check out your local thrift store for some wooden furniture to create a rustic feel in the hallway. If you’re a carpenter, even better! Use reclaimed wood to put together a simple side table yourself. Remember: You don’t need fancy furniture to impress your guests.

Bare branches

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How about a little do-it-yourself magic? Clean off some branches from the backyard, apply a little paint, and place them in a nice vase to spruce up your home’s entryway. Gold paint is a nice touch to remind you of that beautiful golden bird cooking in the oven.

Dreamy staircase

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If you have a staircase in your home, take advantage of the extra real estate by wrapping the handrails with a fall-themed garland or fairy lights. It’s a simple way to add a little pizzazz to the room.

Cozy Kitchen

Copper kettles

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If you’d like to create a rustic feel in the kitchen while you’re prepping that turkey, try setting out some copper dishes on the kitchen counter. You can even turn some into vases by putting a few field flowers into these charming cups.

Amber glassware

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Sometimes copper can be hard to come by, but amber glasses give off a similar vibe at a way lower cost. Use these as replacements for your usual cups when you’re getting ready to set up for the big meal.

Terrific terrarium

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A homemade terrarium is a great way to dress up the kitchen counter while you’re prepping your meal. You can create this simple version by painting some pumpkins white, pulling together plastic leaves or branches, and turning on some fairy lights.

Delectable Dining Room

Dark florals

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There are so many ways to incorporate flowers on your dining room table. Fall is a great time to welcome dark-colored florals into the mix. This is a great option for the Adult Table this Thanksgiving as it creates a sophisticated look.

Personalized place cards

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Make special place cards for your guests using items you can find around your house. All you need is some printer paper, colored cardboard paper, and nice handwriting. Try using cinnamon sticks for a fragrant way to hold up the names.

Cranberry candles

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Cranberries are both a great Thanksgiving tradition and a lovely decoration. You can make your own candles by putting some fir branches and cranberries together with a tea light in a glass with water. Simple and beautiful!

Creative candelabras

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If one candle just isn’t enough, go the extra mile and get a candelabra. They’re a great way to class up the place, and they would make a great addition to the Adult Table at your Thanksgiving feast.

Gorgeous runner

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Show off your artistic side by creating a stunning, original runner for the table. There are so many options here – floral runners, runners made out of gourds, runners made from fairy lights, and endless other ideas! Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

Lovely Living Room

Smooth velvet

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When your guests aren’t noshing at the dinner table, they’re going to be relaxing on the couch. Set up a nice array of soft velvet cushions to really make everyone feel at home now that the seasons have started to change.

Throw blankets

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There’s nothing to make you feel at home in chilly weather like a cozy blanket. Get one in plaid or in autumn colors to feel extra festive. After all, you’re going to need to be comfortable when you collapse after eating all that turkey!

Pumpkin-filled fireplace

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Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the pumpkin patch! If you’re not going to use your fireplace any time soon, try decorating the area with some painted pumpkins. They’ll go well with all the squash and yams on your dinner table!

Crafts for the Kids

Candy cornucopias 

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Get all the kids involved by creating this sweet twist on the traditional cornucopia. Grab some waffle cones and fill them will candy pumpkins, cereal, and any other yummy little things for the children in the family.

Mason jars

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Turkey time

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Turkeys, turkeys, everywhere! Take the turkey décor to the next level by involving your kids in a fun Thanksgiving craft. All you need are some Styrofoam cups, colored construction paper, googly eyes, and feathers to keep the little ones happy.

There are so many unique ways you can decorate your home this Thanksgiving. Just remember to be creative and enjoy the holiday!

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