How Portable Evaporative Coolers Enhance Outdoor Spaces

We all want to be able to relax in outdoor spaces, whether we live in cold climates and count down to the milder spring and summer months or we're lucky enough to enjoy temperate weather year-round. Before portable air coolers, we either had to limit outdoor activities or suffer them in the heat since there weren't many effective cooling solutions that didn't involve taking a dip in the ocean or a swimming pool. Luckily, portable air coolers are so versatile, they can improve our summer outdoor activities at home in so many ways.

Eat in the backyard or on the balcony

How many times have you been at home and sat down to eat a meal outside only to run back into the refuge of cold air? It's not an ideal situation, especially if you're trying to host a nice outdoor lunch with friends. A portable air cooler allows you to dine outside in comfort even on scorching days and ensures you won't need to be stuck indoors on beautiful days.

Enjoy backyard weddings and celebrations

When you host a big event knowing your guests are comfortable and content, you can relax and enjoy the festivities along with them. Unfortunately, backyard celebrations on hot days can lead many guests scrambling for cold drinks and indoor air conditioning. A well-positioned air cooler, however, could prevent this from happening. It's advisable to test out your cooler in a few spots ahead of time to establish which positioning will be most effective at cooling your guests.

Garden in comfort and safety

If you aren't an avid gardener, you certainly know one. These plant devotees spend hours out in the sun tending to their herbs, vegetables, and flowers, frequently during the hottest times of the day. The extended periods spent outside doing physical work can be dangerous, potentially leading to heat stroke or other heat injuries. By preventing overheating, outdoor air coolers can be a gardener's best friend.

Get relief from mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes can completely ruin the outdoor experience and can be a lasting summer problem. Air coolers can help protect against mosquito bites if you sit in close proximity to the powerful flow of the cooler and use recognized mosquito repellents. Although an air cooler isn't a complete solution for mosquito protection, it's a great and economical tool in combination with other deterrents to help protect against mosquito bites while you stay cool from the summer heat.

Barbecue in style

On really warm days, the last thing you want is hot, smoky air adding to the sweltering heat during your barbecues with family and friends. An air cooler will keep the area cool and refreshed and will also help to clear the smoke that lingers in the air from your barbecue. The designated grill master might offer to cook more often after experiencing true relief from heat of the grill and the sizzling sun.

Keep your cottage patio cozy

If you're fortunate enough to have a summer home, you're probably only there for a few weeks at a time. It's still important to stay comfortable during your visit. Portable air coolers are perfect for cottages since you can use an indoor/outdoor model inside as it brings in fresh country air, but you can also wheel it outside to beat the heat on your patio and really enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Read or work outside

Working outside is a luxury for anyone working remotely, and if you're a big reader, you can also appreciate the ability to flip through the pages outdoors. Instead of being trapped inside, you can set yourself up near your outdoor air cooler to collate those spreadsheets or catch up on your latest novel.

With their ability to provide much-needed relief from the heat, air coolers really do enhance outdoor spaces, allowing you to relax and enjoy your own backyard.

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