How Portable Evaporative Coolers Enhance Outdoor Spaces

The desire to relax and relish in our own outdoor space—especially in nice weather—is universal, whether we live in a cold climate and count down the days to the mild temperatures of spring and summer, or we enjoy a hot climate all-year-round. Before portable air coolers, there were many activities that we had to limit in the heat (or suffer through) because there was no real cooling solution outdoors that didn’t involve jumping into a swimming pool. But luckily, portable air coolers  are so versatile that they can improve our summer outdoor experience at home in so many ways.

Enjoying meals in the backyard or on the balcony

How many times have you been at home and sat outside to eat a meal but quickly went back inside because it was just too hot? It is a disappointing feeling, especially if you are entertaining guests. A portable air cooler allows you eat outside on hot, scorching days so you can be comfortable, and you don’t have to be stuck indoors on beautiful days.

Backyard Weddings or Celebrations

When you host a big event and know that your guests are comfortable, and content, you can relax and enjoy the day/evening along with them. Unfortunately, at backyard celebrations on hot days many of the guests end up moving indoors to the kitchen to seek additional cool beverages and to find relief in the air conditioning.  A well-positioned air cooler would most likely prevent this from happening. It is advisable to test out your cooler in a  few spots ahead of time to see which spot would be most effective at cooling the majority of the desired area for special parties and events.

Gardening in Comfort and Safety

We have all seen the avid gardeners: they are outside tending to their gardens at all hours of the day—including during the hottest times. This can be a real danger if they are in the sun doing physical work, since it can lead to heat stroke if they spend too much time in the heat.  Air coolers could help to prevent heatstroke by preventing a person from overheating. An air cooler is a gardener’s best friend!

Relief From Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes completely ruin the outdoor experience, and can be a problem for much of the summer. Air coolers can help protect against mosquito bites if you sit in close proximity to the powerful flow of the air cooler, and as long as you use it in combination with recognized mosquito repellents. Although an air cooler is not a complete solution for mosquito protection, it is a great and economical tool to combine with other deterrents to help protect against mosquito bites and the Zika virus, while you stay cool from the summer heat.

Barbecue in Style

On hot days, the last thing you want is hot, smokey air adding to the sweltering heat during your barbecues with family and friends. An air cooler will keep the area cool and refreshing, and will also help to clear the smoke that lingers in the air from the smokey grill. The designated barbecuer may offer to cook more often after experiencing true relief from the combined heat of the hot smokey grill and the sizzling sun.

Keep Your Cottage Patio Cozy

If you have a summer cottage, likely you are there for only a couple of weeks at a time, but it is still important to stay comfortable. Portable air coolers are perfect for cottages since you can use an indoor/outdoor model inside as it brings in fresh country air, but you can also wheel it outside to beat the heat on your cottage patio and really enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Reading or Working Outside

Having the opportunity to read or work in the outdoors may be just as important to some as eating meals outside  Instead of sitting inside, you can set yourself up near your air cooler and focus on your desired work, or enjoy your leisure time with a good book.

Air coolers really do enhance outdoor spaces since they provide much relief from the heat and allow people to relax, enjoy and  thrive in their own private gardens, backyards, or on their patios.

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