How Noisy Are Portable Air Conditioners?

At My Home Climate, we strive to provide you with the answers to all your air comfort questions. Today, we’re going to discuss how noisy portable air conditioners are and how you can make yours more quiet.

How loud are portable air conditioners?
Air conditioners sometimes have a reputation for being noisy, but there are plenty of units that are far less loud than you might imagine. While some units pass 60 decibels—the sound level of a busy office—many like this Honeywell model produce as little as 52 decibels, the same sound level as a normal conversation. Check out the diagram below for some more decibel equivalences to keep in mind while you’re shopping for a portable air conditioner.

How can I make my portable AC more quiet?
If you’re using your portable air conditioner and you find yourself wishing your environment were a little less noisy, first try placing the unit on a level floor. If you’ve made sure the floor beneath the unit is flat but you’d still like to reduce the sound, you can put a small, low-pile rug underneath. Just make sure you’re not surrounding the portable AC with anything too thick!

Any questions?
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